The La Paz area has enough trekking routes to keep even the most ambitious of hikers occupied for months, if not years. Many of these routes follow the old Incan and Tiwanakan trade routes, from high Andean passes down into the Amazon. We list 10 treks below, but have over 25 routes charted, from 2 to 7 days, and longer! We are happy to custom design treks as well. When booking a trek please use the contact form below to reserve or inquire. Please allow us at least 72 hours advance notice. 

What's Included? Private transportation (Hotel pick-up in La Paz) English/Spanish speaking guide, tent, sleeping pad, 3 meals (prepared to order) per day, 1 beer, wine, hot chocolate. latte (...or whatever you like) with dinner, camping and entrance fees. 

What's not Included? Porter. Our guides carry all food, tents, pads and cookwear that is necessary. We ask that you carry your own personal gear. (porters may be hired for an additional $45USD/day for up to 65 liters/20kg or we'll carry a little extra weight, up to 3kg, for $2.50USD/day/kg). We do not provide the following: Sunscreen/Insect Repelent, Sunglasses, Torch/Flashlight, Sleeping Bag. We rent equipment, (including sleeping bags: $5usd/day).

Etc. Water? We ask that you bring your own water bottles and water to begin the first day (2 liters or so), after that we treat (chlorine) any drinking water you need during the remainder of the trek. 

Weather? Trekking in this area encompasses a wide range of climates. We advise our clients when booking treks what type of weather conditions might be expected. Always bring clothing that is suitable for both cold and hot weather when travelling to Bolivia. Temperatures on the Choro Trek, for example, could range between 0-35 degrees C (30-95 F) in the same day. Packing a good all-weather shell is always essential! 

2 Day Treks: 



Takesi (2 or 3 Days) 

Some of the best pre-Inca roadwork can be found on the Takesi Trek. After drivng to the trailhead near Palca we will begin the trek at 4000m, and after a brief ascent of 600m begin our gradual descent into the cloud jungle of the Yungas down to 2000m. We spend an evening in the village of Takesi and depart early for Chojlla Mine, located near the town of Yanacachi, after which we will return by private transport to La Paz. Although the 55 km route can be done in 2 days by trekkers in good shape, trekkers chosing to complete the trek in 3 days will have the time to enjoy the incredible swimming holes located at the end of the trail.

Murillo Lakes                     (2 or 3 Days) 

Near La Paz the Murillo Range rises over 5500 meters, and is often overlooked by travelers following the crowds. This mountain paradise offers some of Bolivia's prettiest scenery. Starting at 4000m we trek up to a high camp site on a large, sapphire blue lake surrounded by many peaks over 5000m in height. The landscape is absolutely surreal, and on clear nights the Milky Way reflects off the water. Early on the second day we trek above 5000m to two higher lakes situated beneath a small glacier, with stunning vistas. After lunch we begin our decent, and return to La Paz by private transport. A three day option is also available for this trek.

Murillo Valley/Andean Cat Trek (2 Days) 

An easy (if properly acclimated) two day trek up a remote glacial valley. This trek offers a good opportunities to view some of the area's animal species, such as Andean fox, viscacha, Northern Andean deer and the rare and elusive Andean mountain cat. The alpine scenery is spectacular. Highlights also include remote, pre-Colombian ruins and high alpine meadows filled with rare aquatic plants. Intrepid trekkers will have the option of summiting a nearby, unnamed 5300 meter peak. This trek is beautiful during the summer (wet) months between November and February. For wildlife enthusiasts seeking a glimpse of the Andean cat we recommend night vision, thermal imaging or camera traps. 

Palca Canyon/High Desert (2 or 3 Days) 

This is perhaps one of the most interesting treks we offer. We head deep into Palca Canyon, out of reach of any day tour, exploring hidden worlds where rare plant and tree species shelter animals such as Andean fox, N. Andean deer, pampas cat, viscacha and the spectacular flaming comet hummingbird. Slot canyons that wind through Palca Canyon number in the hundreds, and comprise a system that totals almost 200km in an area only a dozen or so km square. This trek involves some light, non-technical climbing, and is best done in the months between March and December. We offer this trek to be done in three days for birding and plant enthusiasts. 

Kollu Glaciers (2 Days) 

This two day trek focuses on the glaciers near Serkhu Kollu (5546 meters), and the surrounding environs. Though high in altitude this is not a very difficult trek distance wise, which allows time to explore the beutiful formations, caves and waterfalls along the ice flow. Opportunities for viewing wildlife, such as Andean deer, viscacha, alpine lizards and Andean fox are common here. We also have options for summiting the mountain in conjuntion with this trek. If you ever wanted to get up close to a tropical glacier this is your chance. 


3-6 Day Treks:



Choro (3 or 4 Days) 

The most popular trek near La Paz, el Choro is by no means the easiest. This section of pre-Inca road runs about 75km from about 4900m to about 1300m. The trek passes old tambos (pre-Colombian inns), ancient gold mines, roaring waterfalls, ruins and pristine stands of virgin cloud forest. Countless bird and plant species, and occasionally monkeys, are observable along the way. Best done in the dry months between March and October, we will still guide this in the wet season for experienced trekkers with good rain gear. We also offer this as a 4 day trek at an additional cost, as there is just too much to see in 3 days.

Uchumachi Cloud Forest/Coroico (3 Days) 

A bit of town and country. After an early morning departure and stop at an Inca ruin, we drive to Coroico for tour of the 18th century colonial hill town, which boasts incredible local food, crafts and even a couple of discotechs. We depart the next morning for the cloud forests on Mt. Uchumachi (2480 meters). This incredible forest sits on a plateau in near constant cloud cover. The forest here is unique to the area, with small ponds that shelter rare amphibians, and a heavy carpet of moss covering nearly everything. We hike down to Coroico the following day, and return by private minibus to La Paz. Includes 1 night's hotel stay. 

Murillo Traverse, North to South (3 Days) 

This trek is a rugged, 40km traverse with spectacular views, alpine lakes, an ancient gold mine and a valley purported to be haunted. The trek begins at 4000m, and climbs to 5000m, with options to summit both a 5100m peak and a 5400m peak, or visit a glacial lake located at 5100m. This area is home to Andean mountain cat, viscacha and N.Andean deer. The area also offers stunning views of surrounding peaks. Although this trek is little known and seldom guided it offers alpine scenery that surpasses some of the more commonly guided alpine treks in the region. Though demanding for the constant elevation, at or near 4800m, this is one of our favorite treks. Best between November and March.  

Murillo Traverse, West to East (3 or 4 Days) 

Not for the meek, but possibly the most rewarding alpine trek located near La Paz. Starting at 4000 meters we ascend up to 4700 for the first night's camp, passing breathtaking lakes and alpine scenery. Day two we climb to 5200, along eerie, seldom visited lakes lost in the clouds. After crossing the continental divide, we drop down to camp at 4800 meters, next to a glacially fed lake. The trek finishes out through cloud forest, passing waterfalls, including one with a 100 meter drop. Recommended for experienced trekkers. Can be done in 4 days to better enjoy the scenery and wildlife. Native species include: Andean mountain cat, spectacled bear, N. Andean deer, Andean fox and viscacha. 

Yunga Cruz  (4 to 6 Days) 

Longest of the classic pre-Colombian roads, the Yunga Cruz trek starts at Chunavi (3600m), to the east of Mt. Illimani, and runs approximately 115km, crossing several 4000m passes before descending to 1900m, and terminating near the town of Chulumani, capital of the South Yungas. El Cruz offers many opportunities for wildlife viewing. Species include: Andean fox, N. Andean deer, brown capuchin and in particular, spectacled bear. We offer this as a 4 day trek for trekkers in ideal shape. We offer a 6 day for wildlife photographers wishing to get close to spctacled bear.