Cooking on the trail over several days is an art that requires careful preparation. Please order in advance (You can use the "contact us" form to reserve a trek and order your meals at the same time).

While making your trekking reservations using the following method to choose your meals: 

Example:    Day 1. Lunch #3 (Italian Sandwich, no mayo), Dinner #5 (Burger, w cheese, mustard), Day 2.  Breakfast #1, Lunch #6, Dinner #6 (vegetarian please), and so forth.  In extreme circumstances we may be forced to make minor changes to menu items. 

For Choice Please Order in Advance


1. Andes Breakfast Burrito (bacon, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, sautéed onions, garlic, locoto hot peppers, cheese and salsa in a flour tortilla)
2.Veggie Andes Breakfast Burrito (same as above, but without the bacon)
3.Sunrise Sandwich (with or without bacon, eggs cooked to order, sautéed veggies and cheese on a hot roll)
4.Fried Potatoes Breakfast (fried potatoes smothered with sautéed veggies and melted cheese)
5.Granola with fresh fruit and milk
6.Chorizo and eggs cooked to order (served with bread)
7.Omelette cooked to order (served with bread)


1.Veggie Burrito (refried beans, cheese, sautéed vegetables and salsa on a flour tortilla)
2.Bacon Club Sandwich (bacon, avocado and cheese with onions and peppers and mayo on pan marraqueta)
3.Italian Sandwich (Genoa salami, cheese, pickles, mustard and mayo on pan marraqueta)
4.P.B.J. (the classic U.S. favorite, peanut butter and jelly, served on hearty bread)
5.P.B.B.&B. (high energy, high alpine classic. a must try: peanut butter, bannana and bacon!)
6.Ronaldo’s Diet (plate of boiled eggs, bread, cheese and fresh veggies)
7.Choripan (chorizo cooked in beer with onions and peppers and served on pan marraqueta)
8.Trail Lunch (for trekkers who want to keep going & snack through the day: trail mix, whole grain cereal crackers, cheese and fresh fruit)


1.Bangers n Mash (an English pub favorite, with fresh local sausage and Bolivia’s best potatoes)
2.Cottage Pie (with fresh ground beef, pureed potatoes, carrots, corn, onions and peppers. Due to perishability we can only prepare this on the first night of trekking)
3.Fried Noodles with Thai Peanut Sauce (vegetarian or with pork, fried noodles with a Thai peanut sauce and fried vegetables. Vegetarian or vegan upon request)
4.Swiss Style Potatoes (Rosti) (a classic Swiss potato cake with cheese, served with side of herbed steamed carrots, vegetarian, vegan upon request)
5.All Beef Grass Fed Burger (served with or without cheese, cooked to order on a steamed bun. Due to perishability we can only prepare on the first night of trekking)
6.Cajun Beans and Rice (spicy Louisiana style beans and rice with hot sausage. Vegetarian or vegan upon request)
7.Black Bean Burrito (black beans, rice, veggies, cheese and salsa. Vegetarian or vegan upon request)
8.Pork Fried Rice (Chinese style rice fried with pork and fresh vegetables)
9.Steamed Vegetables with Noodles and Black Bean Sauce (with red cabbage, carrots, peppers, green onions and garlic on noodles with a spicy-savory black bean sauce. Vegetarian, Vegan)