Waterall on the road to Yanacachi. 

"Best two days of a 4 week trip to South America. From pick up to drop off it was nothing but a good time, with a great tour guide..." -Joe, Annandale, VA, USA 

Day Tours

From La Paz, our day tours include hotel pick-up and drop-off (from El Centro and Sopocachi), a delicious lunch with vegetarian options, a beer or cold beverage with lunch and an English/Spanish speaking guide. Our day tours usually include a moderate amount of walking, but are suitable for people of all ages. We tour the areas that are the most interesting and prettiest we could possibly take you to within a reasonable drive from La Paz. We are happy to "mix it up" a little on private tours, and have a few "secret" tours as well, including a tour to an obscure village in the Altiplano above La Paz, and a day hike to an Incan alter once used for human sacrifice. We also privately arrange city tours, but check out the self guided La Paz city tour under the "Info" section. 


Palca Canyon  

Located to the southeast of La Paz, and lost in eternity, rests Palca Canyon. Eons of rain have sculpted the sedimentary rock into a masterpiece the likes of which Georgia O’Keefe or Salvador Dali would feel perfectly at home in. Temperatures here can be much higher than in cool La Paz, which is often a welcome change for those travelling in the altiplano. Several smaller canyons spur off to the sides, and offer a unique environment to hike in, as the narrow canyons wind and twist into the silence. To the Aymara this was a place to make offerings to the Pachamama, to reflect and to commune with spirits. The occasional presence of water creates lush oases of moss and deep green plants that starkly contrast the rock. We cook a hearty lunch in the canyon, and spend the day exploring, hiking and enjoying this unique and surreal environment. Cost for this trip is $65 per person, including lunch, and departs between 9 and 9:30am after hotel pick-up in La Paz. We also offer 2 & 3 day treks in Palca Canyon because there is just so much to see. 

-Hotel pick-up in La Paz 9-9:30am -$65USD/person               -Lunch cooked in the canyon BBQ style  


Shrouded in mystery until quite recently, the ancient city of Tiahuanaco is still far from being completely excavated and surveyed. Evidence suggests the area around the site was inhabited as early as 1500 BCE. As the settlement grew to city size it began to influence surrounding areas. As a city-state, it blossomed between 300CE and 1000CE, after which it declined due to changing weather patterns which resulted in less rainfall. Although much of the site was disturbed by looting, which began soon after Tiahuanaco’s decline, it is possible to observe the high level of sophistication, and skilled stone working, that were characteristic of Tiahuanaco during its height. After exploring Tiahuanaco, visiting the nearby museums and taking lunch, we depart for an excursion to nearby Lake Titicaca before returning to La Paz. As traffic through El Alto is very congested we depart early in the day, at 8-8:30 am.

-Hotel pick-up in La Paz 8-8:30am               -$90USD/person (includes 100bs entry fee)                              -Lunch cooked on Lake Titicaca

Use the form below if you have questions about, or would like to reserve a day tour. Seating may be limited on short notice. 


Inca Ruins/Cloud Forest   

The area near the beginning of the Choro Trek is home to many lakes, peaks and archaeological remains. The lakes are crystal clear, and some are full of unique aquatic plants and beaches surrounded by meadows. The area also has several interesting walks, and amazing views of some surrounding mountains, including Huayna Potosi. After a cookout on an alpine beach near 5000 meters we head off on one of several hikes for the rest of the afternoon, or relax by the lakes if you prefer. Bring sun glasses and sun block. 

 -Hotel pick-up in La Paz 8-8:30AM,  -$65USD/person          -Lunch cooked in an Inca tambo

Yanacachi/Cloud Forest/Inca Ruins

Due to road work on the South Yungas Road we will only be able to run this tour on Sat and Sun until further notice. 

One of the prettiest drives in Bolivia, we venture to the seldom visited 16th century colonial town of Yanacachi, a village lost in time. Some of the timbers on the older houses date from the early colonial period, and are nearly 500 years old. On the surrounding hillside are several smaller villages that have long been abandoned, and are melting back into the forest, including a centuries old church with its alter still intact. After eating lunch we travel to an ancient settlement where Inca ruins intermingle with early colonial buildings along astretch of pre-Colombian road. The romantic atmosphere of this area is haunting. The drive to and from Yanacachi passes through some of the most spectacular alpine and cloud forest landscapes anywhere in the Andes. This tour is a full day, and typically returns to La Paz between 5 and 6 pm. Includes lunch and an afternoon snack. Cost is $75 per person.

-Hotel pick-up in La Paz 7-7:30am -$75USD/person               -Lunch Cooked in an Inca ruin

Kollu Glaciers 

This full day tour/trek heads out to the high Andes near La Paz to get up close to an Andean glacier. Serkhu Kollu (5546 meters) has several glaciers dressing its flanks, and the area is also home to rare plant and animal species, some endemic to the Murillo Range itself. After a 1.5-2 hour hike passing 2 akpine lakes we arrive at the glacier to explore ice formations and caves allong the ice flow. Recommended for acclimatized travelers only. We also offer a 2 day version of this trek, and a climb of Serhu Kollu

-Hotel pick-up in La Paz 7-7:30am -$85 USD/person              -Lunch cooked at the glacier.