La Paz is a gateway to some of the best mountaineering the world has to offer. Bolivia boasts ten 6000 meter peaks, and countless ice and rock routes void of climbers. We list 3 climbs here, but can arrange trips to any of the 6000 meter peaks in Bolivia. Our climbing packages are all inclusive, and we'll outfit you with all the necessary equipment, and an outstanding guide, to give you the best shot of making it to the top. Please allow proper time for acclimatization in La Paz or at similar altitude before heading out on a climb. Trips departing for Huyana Potosi (6088m) from La Paz daily! Please allow us at least 48 hours advance notice to schedule a climb. 

1 Day, from La Paz...

Serkhu Kollu

This day climb from La Paz is a great way to prepare for higher ascents. Serkhu Kollu (5546 m) is the highest mountain in the Murillo Group of the Cordillera Real. Although climbers should be acclimatized and in good shape a minimal amount of climbing experience is required. Climbers will experience dramatic views of the high Andes and beyond. Climbers depart La Paz at 7 am and head straight for the mountain. Lunch is served on the climb. From $175USD

2-3 Days, from La Paz...

Huyana Potosi

First climbed in 1919, Huyana Potosi is the closest 6000 meter peak to La Paz, and is a great climb for beginners to experts. We offer 2 and 3 day options. 3 day option includes an extra night at base camp (4700 m) and a half day on the lower glacier to practice basic ice climbing techniques. 2 day option departs from La Paz straight to high camp to summit on the following day. From $205 USD





West of La Paz near the border with Chile, there is a desert plain out of which rises the snow-capped cone volcano Acotango, found near Parque Nacional Sajama where there are other volcanoes such as The Twins – Parinacota (6330m) and Pomerata (6200m). The slopes of this volcano also support the highest forest in the world. Acotango is not technically hard to climb and is one of the easiest 6000m mountains in Bolivia out of the 13. 3 days, from La Paz.  

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