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Our mission is to provide travelers with amazing experiences, and to promote healthy and sustainable tourism in Bolivia. Solace Trekking and Tours offers tours and treks throughout Bolivia, and can outfit and arrange travel in every corner of the country.


Bolivia...  For many years Bolivia has been one of the best kept secrets in travel. This "mini-continent" is home to some of the greatest biological, climatic and geological diversity found anywhere on Earth. Bolivia's cultural heritage is also as diverse. Over 30 languages are spoken here, and ruins, some dating back thousands of years, dot the landscape. Travel can be unpredictable at times, with road closures, holidays and political events complicating passage. We are always here, happy to help, with any information that might better facilitate your travels in Bolivia. We've also included some useful info for travelers under the "Info" section, where you can also find a self guided city tour for La Paz. 


From La Paz...  La Paz is more than you may imagine. It is a gateway to both the Andes and the Amazon, as well as the Atacama, Altiplano and the expansive and surreal salars to the south. Most travelers pass through La Paz as a course of necessity, but there are countless weeks of exploring within a couple hours drive from the city's center. Entire lost cities, jungle waterfalls and mysterious canyons make this one of the most diverse travel destinations on Earth. 

Around Bolivia...   The country of Bolivia has been termed a "micro-continent" because of it's diversity. Beyond La Paz is a whole world waiting to be explored, from moonscapes in the Salar to some of the richest biodiversity found anywhere on Earth in the Bolivian Amazon. We arrange travel to any region in Bolivia. 


Bolivia Facts... 

Did you know? 

- The most powerful solar radiation ever recorded on Earth's surface was recorded in Bolivia?

- The highest forests on Earth are found in Bolivia?

- The Yungas region of Bolivia is home to more bird species than the entire North American continent? 

- There are still uncontacted groups of people living in the Bolivian Amazon? 

- Bolivia has some of the richest mineral deposits in the world?

- Bolivia is nearly twice the size of France or Texas, and over 5 times the size of Great Britain?